The Last Forest limited edition gift hamper
Soul of the Nilgiris

The Last Forest limited edition gift hamper

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Curated with love, this limited edition hamper which celebrates the rich beauty of the indigenous Nilgiris includes:

* Soul of the Nilgiris by Ramya Reddy. The book features spines hand embroidered by indigenous Toda women-artisans

* Rock bee honey from the remote cliffs of Nilgiris—harvested by the indigenous Kurumba honey collectors—in limited edition bottles

* Recently harvested, delicately bottled Nilgiri spices: turmeric, wild pepper, mace, green cardamom, and cumin

* Hold all pouch hand-embroidered by the Toda women-artisans

* Bookmark featuring the ancient honey collecting ritual of the Kurumba tribe, hand-painted with natural pigments by Bala, the Kurumba artist.

The hamper can be collected at the venue. All proceeds from the sale of this hamper will be donated to Keystone Foundation.